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Finhouse Accounting Service Co. is an esteemed Chartered Accountant firm established in 2020 with Offices in KSA, India and UAE, having a diversified and passionate team led by eminent partners. Having core areas of practice in Tax Advisory, Audit & Assurance, & Regulatory services, Management and Business consultancy services. Finhouse is determined to provide clients with a broad level of quality support in the widest range of corporate services.


Trusted partner of valuable client’s in Accounting, Taxation, Internal/External Audit, Law Compliance and to open doors to have efficient business operation thus achieving the bottom line cents at reasonable overhead.


To be trusted team of professionals to deliver our commitments towards the growth of client’s business and it’s team.

growth and achievements

Happy Clients counts over 200+ and counting


Bookkeeping Clients more than 50+ steadfast clients


VAT Registration completed so far without hustle with us.


FTA Audit Assistance completed with atmost customer satisfaction and more underway.


On demand services offered by us

Tax and Regulatory Services

U.A.E tax laws are rapidly changing with complexities and complications. We provide our clients with information and observations on improvements to the fiscal climate with better Tax Planning and accurate Tax return filing.

Management Consultancy Services

We work through the integration of various methods and solutions for consultation. For complex political, accounting and market demands, we are specialized in dealing with clients from various time zones in different industries.

Audit And Assurance Services

We offer audit services for large, medium and small businesses including Manufacturing, Trading and non-corporate entities in compliance with various legislation.

Corporate & Business Advisory Service

A merger or an acquisition can add or deplete significant value to a company, so ensure that each step of the transaction procedure – from assessment to diligence discussions and completion, successful; requires a great deal of knowledge and experience.

Incorporation and Startup Assistance

Our team supports the incorporation of different forms of legal persons/Companies in U.AE. The department analyses and offers guidance on the form and arrangement of the legal entities appropriate for the clients on financial conditions, company scale, capital requirements and the complexities involved.


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Muhammad Kalim

Muhammad Kalim

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CA Abhijith Preman

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Muhamed Ashique

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I include my Customs Registration in my records at the FTA?

Log into the FTA e-Services portal via E-SERVICES, and go to EDIT on the VAT section and enter your Customs Registration Number. This will automatically update your records.

Is a residential building subject to VAT?

The first supply of a new residential building within the first three years of it being constructed is zero-rated. All subsequent supplies are exempt, even if within the first three years.

Does the owner of real estate have to register for VAT?

The owners of residential buildings who only make exempt supplies do not have to register for VAT if they do not have any taxable business activities. Where owners have taxable business activities, they should consider their obligations further.

The owner of any building that is not residential, will have to register if the value of the supplies over the preceding 12 months exceeds AED 375,000 or it is expected that they will exceed AED 375,000 over the coming 30 days.

Will VAT be charged on the property I am renting?

The rent of a residential building will generally be exempt from VAT.
The rent of a commercial building will be subject to VAT at 5%

What kind of records are businesses required to maintain, and for how long?

Businesses are required to keep records which will enable the Federal Tax Authority to identify the details of the business activities and review transactions. The documents which are required and the time period for keeping them are prescribed in Federal Law no. (7) of 2017 on Federal Tax procedures and the Cabinet Decision No. (36) of 2017 on the Executive Regulation of the Federal Law No. (7) of 2017 on Tax Procedures.

How should a business determine the place of supply?

The place of supply will determine whether a supply is made within the UAE (in which case the UAE VAT legislation will apply), or outside the UAE for VAT purposes.

For a supply of goods, the place of supply should be the location of goods when the supply takes place with special rules for certain categories of supplies (e.g. water and energy, cross border supplies).

For the supply of services, the place of supply should generally be where the supplier is established with special rules for certain categories of supplies (e.g. for the supply of catering services, the place of supply shall be where the services are actually performed).

Can businesses offset customs duty against VAT payments?

No. VAT is payable in addition to applicable customs duties. VAT is computed on the value that includes the customs duties.

How quickly will refunds be released?

Refunds will be made after the receipt of the application and subject to verification checks, with a particular focus on avoiding fraud.

Tax Refunds for Tourists Scheme: Can I claim a refund if the payment is made by my friend or relative using cash or credit card?

Yes, as long as the tourist exporting the goods is present during the purchase, and it is the exporter's information that is completed for the VAT refund.

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Finhouse Accounting Service Co.

Having core areas of practice in Tax Advisory, Audit & Assurance, & Regulatory services, Management and Business consultancy services. we are determined to provide clients with a broad level of quality support in the widest range of corporate services.

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